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The Angel Property Managers Team


Established in 2012, our goal is to have a successful team of property managers and 200 property managements by December 2013, and we are well on our way.

What are you looking for in rental property management?

With a proactive approach, Angel Property Managers aims to resolve issues with tenants before they become major issues. The effort and work they put in helps ensure tenant retention while the systems they have in place and their knowledge of the market protects you from loss. If you’re looking for property managers in Auckland with high success rates and a professional service, you have found it in Angel Property Managers.

The values that we consider very important are our dedication, honesty, reliability and integrity. With our history in the property market, we know the law and always work within the Residential Tenancy Act. Angel Property Managers provides professional property management services for landlords and their properties located in Auckland.

robynRobyn-Marie Case
Property Specialist

Being both a Landlord and a Tenant, Robyn has realised that to have reliable rent payments and well cared for properties requires the relationship between the landlord and tenant to be managed well. Creating trust and respect, well managed tenants make happy, successful, and wealthy owners.

Robyn is highly regarded as one of the best Property Managers in Auckland, as a property manager since 2006 she comes to Angel Property Managers drawing on her many years of experience both as a property specialist and owner of rental properties.

Phone: 0276 802 302
Email: robyn.case@angelpm.co.nz

trevorTrevor Higginson

Involved in business for many years and specialising in Accounting. As a retired Army Officer Trevor brings an eye for detail, systemised processes, and co-leads the Angel Property Managers team to provide a quality service to landlords throughout New Zealand.

Phone: 09 972 1533
Email: admin@angelpm.co.nz

ianIan Buckton
Property Specialist

Coming from a background of seven years in real estate sales, Ian comes to Angel Property Managers with valuable knowledge and experience in property.

Ian’s enviable ability to listen to his clients and achieve the desired results makes him the ideal property manager.

Phone: 021 782 144
Email: ian.buckton@angelpm.co.nz

macauleyMacauley Seo
Property Specialist

Born in South Korea and living in New Zealand since the age of 13. Macauley has a Bachelor Degree of Spatial Design and has a Design and Business background.

He has extensive experience in sales, marketing and design and will definitely choose the best and safest place for you to live.

Working in a the Property field runs in his blood as his family has been engaging in property investment for many years.

Macauley specialises in renting properties in the North Shore and North-West Auckland – and he’s also willing to assist in helping you to find your property in any part of Auckland. He prides him self in supporting you to find your “ideal property” and will take the time necessary to help you achieve this.

Phone: 021 528 234
Email: macauley.seo@angelpm.co.nz