What Should You Do If Your Tenants Don’t Pay Their Rent?

It can be pretty stressful if your tenants don’t pay – particularly if you have a mortgage.

If this does happen (or is happening) it’s important that you get on top it as quickly as you can.

While chasing your tenants up for unpaid rent can seem intimidating, the good news is there is a simple process you can follow to recover your rent and make sure you tick the boxes that Tenancy Services are looking for if it gets as far as the Tenancy Tribunal.

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When Angel Property Managers took over my rentals, I thought one of my Tenants was only 3 weeks in arrears – about $1000. However, once Angel Property Managers created a complete Rent Ledger, they proved she was over $6000 in arrears and what’s more they managed to get her to pay it all in one lump sum. It was MARVELLEOUS!