Human beings are naturally predisposed to trust, but we’re not always good at determining who we shouldn’t trust. This is why landlords who manage their own properties sometimes find themselves stuck with nightmare tenants. 

Since we set up Angel Property Managers, we’ve discovered there’s no end to the bad behaviour tenants can get up to. These include damaging houses (bad), manufacturing drugs (worse), and in one case selling the house to a removalist, who cut it up and took it away (need we say, the worst!). 

Who to trust with your investment

We’re happy to say that most tenants don’t indulge in these behaviours (and the worst cited above weren’t our own!). But the risk is there for landlords who are overly trusting, or simply don’t know how to deal with tricky tenants and the finer points of residential tenancy law. 

Landlord Theo commented that engaging Angel Property Managers “took a huge amount of stress off us and it’s inconceivable that we would be able to attend to matters as thoroughly as Angel does”. 

Of course, choosing someone to manage your property requires a certain amount of trust, too. We’re proud to have earned the trust of so many landlords and to have built a reputation for accuracy and expertise, work ethic and integrity.

Robyn Marie-Case created Angel Property Managers in partnership with Trevor Higginson in 2012 but has been in the industry since 2006. As an owner of rental properties, she felt her own property managers had a poor understanding of her needs, and she knew she could do better. 

Robyn’s mission was to provide a high level of personal care for owners, their properties, and their tenants. She developed close ties with a range of service contractors to secure the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance programme for Angel’s clients.

Working for landlords, fair to tenants

Working with a solution-based attitude and a caring, friendly approach to all problems, Angel’s policy is to always put the property owner first. But our commitment to fair and equitable outcomes means tenants also feel cared for. Some have even asked our property managers if they can continue looking after them when they move to a different rental. 

We understand that owners come to Angel Property Managers to ensure their hard-earned investment provides the best possible return with minimum hassle. We bring years of experience and a depth of industry knowledge to achieve this goal for every client and further strengthen our reputation as a trusted partner. 

Simply put, we employ our knowledge and experience to find the best tenants, and then ensure your tenants are happy in their rented home.  

Our landlords appreciate our ability to deal with difficult situations quickly, with tact, and fairness. Equally, tenants often comment on how quickly we found a home for them and how promptly we respond to any issues during their tenancy. 

As property owner llango says, “I am extremely busy with many activities and Robyn takes the worry off my rental properties for me. She is passionate about property management and is fair to both tenants and owners”.

And tenant Jasmine says, “my property manager Trevor Higgins is a great landlord, very helpful, fast and efficient. I have recommended Angel Property to all my family and work friends”.

If you own or are considering purchasing an investment property and want to save yourself the stress and hassle of managing it yourself, get in touch with us today.