What Does Your Healthy Homes Standards Assessment Need to Cover?

Last month, we looked at the different compliance deadlines for the Healthy Homes Standards. The first deadline (1 December 2020) requires you to have a compliance statement in any new or varied tenancy agreement.

The simplest way to provide your current level of compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards is to get a Healthy Homes Assessment report done.

The report will show you what Standards your property currently complies with and what you still need to. This is all you need to include in your statement of compliance. You don’t have to have done work on your property (yet!).

Here is what the report will need to cover.


Insulation is already compulsory in all rental homes where it is reasonably practicable to install it.

The report must detail for your ceiling and underfloor insulation:

  • R-value
  • Thickness
  • Install date (if known)
  • Last inspected date (if known)

For ceilings and underfloors that aren’t insulated, you’ll need to include a reason as to why not.



You will need to include details of at least one fixed heater, which can economically directly heat the main living room and maintain a required heating capacity of 18 degrees.

If you’re relying on the tolerance or ‘top-up’ allowance for existing heaters, you’ll need to mention this, along with a brief description of why it applies.



The report will need to show that all bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges and kitchens have at least one door or window that opens to the outside. They must be a total area of at least 5% of the respective room and can be fixed in the open position.

Kitchens and bathrooms also require an extractor fan that ventilates externally.


Moisture Ingress and Drainage

You need to mention if your property has an enclosed subfloor space.

If it does, you’ll need a ground moisture barrier.

Your property must also have efficient drainage and gutter, drainpipes and drains for the removal of water from the roof.


Draught Stopping Standard

All unreasonable gaps and holes in walls, ceilings, windows, floors and doors that cause noticeable draughts must be blocked.

This includes open fireplaces unless you and your tenant agree otherwise.


Helping You Comply with the Healthy Homes Standards

Failure to have the proper reports and administration in place could be costly with fines of up to $4,000 possible for not meeting the requirements of the Standards.

Angel Property Managers work with a number of experienced and reputable businesses who can assess your property, provide Healthy Homes Standards Reports and Compliance Statements and Quotes, as well as provide the required trades needed to carry out work to bring properties up to spec.

If your property is in Auckland, we’re offering a FREE Healthy Homes Report.

Our experienced team of property managers is well versed in navigating rental laws and legislation and can assist you in understanding the Healthy Homes Standards and their requirements. We also help with the record-keeping, statements, and tenancy agreement matters as well.

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