Ideally you want to look for someone that:

Has a wide range of skills and an eye for detail

Is honest and has integrity ie someone that tells the truth, keeps promises ans accepts responsibility when due

Has knowledge of the housing industry

Has patience

Has sympathy for your goals and budget

If you can pick these qualities congratulations you have found a good builder and it pays to hold onto them as there are so many cowboys out there

When putting your job out to tender don’t just pick the cheapest quote

If the tender is much above or below question it, ask why is it so high or why is it so low

Some builders tender low just to get the job then forced to cut corners and make the money back with expensive variations, they may even put their business in jeopardy and not be able to complete the job

Ask for examples of their work and if you can speak to previous clients they have done work for this can help with any doubts you may have about who you are employing

Ask whether they are licensed

If you are doing restricted building work ie anything requiring council approval they will need to provide proof of their building license in order for the work to be signed off

If you are unsure whether they are licensed you can check the building register online

Ask what kind of guaranties they offer

Finally talk with them, find out whether or not you will be able to work with them on a day to day basis, you need to feel comfortable with them and maintain good communication in order to get exactly what you want out of your project

Joel Macreadie – Auckland New Zealand
Licensed Building Practitioner
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