Property maintenance – who’s responsible? Put simply, landlords. 

Landlords and property owners are responsible for ensuring their rental properties are well-maintained. This not only keeps tenants happy but also benefits landlords by attracting and retaining quality occupants along with preserving the value of their investment for the long run.

The team at Angel Property Managers understands the importance of proper property maintenance. So, we have compiled a list of practical tips to help landlords ensure their properties remain in excellent shape.

  • Regular Inspections: At Angel Property Managers, we provide thorough inspections every three months, recorded via an app and stored in our Property Management Database. Regular inspections allow for potential issues to be identified before they become bigger problems. 
  • Prompt Repairs: Whenever tenants report an issue, landlords should address it promptly. Not only does this keep tenants happy, especially when rent increases come around, but it shows them that you take their comfort and safety seriously. 
  • Seasonal Maintenance: Align your maintenance efforts with the changing seasons and create a seasonal maintenance checklist to guide you throughout the year. Spring is a perfect time for landscaping and water blasting, summer for pest control, and autumn for preparing the property for winter.
  • Budget for Maintenance: Following the extreme weather events earlier this year, many have learned the importance of setting aside some of your rental income to create a maintenance budget. Having a budget set aside provides peace of mind and enables landlords to address unexpected repairs promptly.
  • DIY or Professional Help: Know your limits when it comes to DIY 🙂. While some small tasks can be handled with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity, always rely on experts for electrical and plumbing issues to ensure safety and quality work. Pro Tip: Property Managers often have the opportunity to bargain and leverage better rates due to repeat and regular business.
  • Be Proactive: Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping up your property’s condition. We suggest regularly servicing heating systems, trimming overhanging trees, and cleaning out gutters to keep the property in optimal shape.
  • Offer Garden Services: Giving tenants the option of garden and lawn services is another way to ensure the maintenance of your property whilst also increasing the rent. 

 At Angel Property Managers, we take pride in supporting busy landlords by providing them with peace of mind, knowing their property is in good hands. 

Remember, maintaining a property effectively leads to happy tenants and a content landlord. Trust the reliable team at Angel Property Managers for expert property management services in Auckland.

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