This cautionary tale highlights the importance of updated agreements and clear communication between tenants.  Earlier this year, a horror renting story made headlines – a tenant found himself burdened with a massive $15,000 bill which could have easily been avoided.

In 2021, Cayden Hagenaar shared a flat in Christchurch with three others. As their lease approached renewal, Hagenaar expressed his intention to stay while his flatmates decided otherwise. He brought on new flatmates but overlooked a crucial detail: updating the lease agreement to include the new tenants’ names.

When these new occupants failed to pay their portion of the rent, he was solely responsible for paying the $700-a-week tenancy agreement. 

By 2022, the unpaid rent had accrued to a staggering $7,699.90. Upon termination, the landlords faced extensive repairs and cleaning bills; An oven door and cooktop were damaged, keys were not returned, rubbish removal was required, and walls even needed repairs from dog-related damages, culminating in a total award of $15,056 to the landlords.

Take this situation as a powerful lesson: failing to update your agreements can result in significant repercussions. Despite a $2800 bond and a $2000 award stemming from the landlord’s failure to provide sufficient heating, Hagenaar found himself burdened with a substantial $10,256 payment.

Learn from this unfortunate incident. Ensure your agreements are not only current but comprehensive. At Angel Property Managers, we ensure all members of the household are on the Tenancy Agreement, so if they decide to leave and don’t advise us, they are left individually and severally liable for any debts. 

If a tenant wishes to leave, we create a variation to the Tenancy Agreement whereby we replace the leaving tenant. This means the new tenants become individually and severally liable, so no one person is left with the total debt.

Having a Property Manager protects owners from renting horror situations like this. Contact us today to learn how we can help you fortify your rental agreements and protect your investment. Here at Angel Property Managers, your peace of mind is our priority.