A few years ago I renovated my rental and I just thought id briefly share a few tips and tricks that I came across in the process

Don’t over capitalise and do a budget. Spend the most on what will be used the most and that you really want to last like appliances, plumbing, lighting and all horizontal surfaces i.e. flooring, bench tops, vanities, showers

Things like using neutral backgrounds allow tenants to create their own identity with their belongings

Try to avoid coarse or heavy textures on your interior as they absorb a lot of dirt, smell, dust and are harder to clean things like bricks, textured ceilings and Spanish plastering are classic example

Try to avoid wall hung vanity’s as they generally get overloaded and de laminate from the wall, in saying that if you feel you have to have wall hung choose colours that same as the walls to create an illusion of space where’s in contrast they stand out

Consider the use of timber for doors, framing, skirting boards and stairway handrails because of its durability never use mdf finishing lines in wet areas

When painting use semi-gloss acrylic or low sheen to hide any imperfections on walls also use anti mould paint in ceilings, dulux do a mould shield product

Carpet is a wise flooring choice being soft and comfortable plus it’s an insulating surface which helps with noise control; use an extra heavy duty domestic or greater. If its short pile carpet use thick underlay to give an impression of softness.

A mirror creates an illusion of space and is great in small bathrooms

Finally decks, We all love our decks with their indoor outdoor flow for entertaining family and friends its hard to go wrong adding a deck and its sure to bring the value of your property up as well

Joel Macreadie – Auckland New Zealand
Licensed Building Practitioner
027 669 2900