Are you worried about your tenants not paying the rent this Christmas?

Christmas time is the most common time for tenants to not pay their rent.

And, it can be pretty stressful if your tenants don’t pay – particularly if you have a mortgage.

If this does happen (or is happening) to you there are things you must have in place before you can try to recover the unpaid rent.

We’ve put together a quick Rental Property Health Check for you to see where you’re at and how well your property is being managed.

Fill out the form to see how you’re doing.

“When I purchased my new investment property, I was worried that there would be a period where it wasn’t occupied, and I wouldn’t have any rent coming in to pay the mortgage. However, Robyn from Angel Property Managers managed to secure tenants for my property as soon as it went unconditional and they moved in and were paying rent as soon as the property settled.”


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